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2012: A Review December 31, 2012

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2012 was a good year in many respects. I accomplished many things, some of which I never truly believed I would actually accomplish.

January: I joined a running group and started Couch to 5K. I had committed to a goal and was doing great!

February: Still C25K-ing it, and by week six or so had done a 20 minute run. That was the longest I had ever continuously run. Thanks to my new found confidence, I decide that I am going to do a triathlon. Then I have some knee pain, which forces me to walk the majority of a 3K race.

March: I continue having knee pain. I tried to run through it, but finally decided that I needed to see a physical therapist. I was diagnosed with Patella Femoral Syndrome.  I can’t run and I start to lose motivation. I walk most of a 5K.

April: Still doing PT, and not running. I’m still spinning and doing boot camp once or twice a week. I take swimming lessons to get me headed in the right direction in the pool, since I planned to do a triathlon and all.

May: I get the green light to start running again, but soon discover that I have lost nearly all of my running endurance. I struggle through (and subsequently walk the majority of a) 5 mile race.

June: I finish a Warrior Dash! I finished in an hour, which isn’t a particularly impressive time, but I definitely got a second motivational wind after this. Which reminded me, didn’t I plan to a triathlon this year? Might want to get on that. I join the YMCA, so that I can use the pool.

July: I’m running a little, swimming a little, biking a little. I’m not really following my training plan though.

August: I panic when I realize that the triathlon I had signed up for is next month. I’m swimming maybe once a week and riding my bike on the road maybe once a week. I’m still spinning though.

September: I finish the Tri for Sight! Not gonna lie, didn’t really think I’d be able to do it, but 3 hours and 15 minutes after I start, I cross the finish line. I kick myself for not properly training and vow to do better next time.

October: After giving myself a little time off to recover from the triathlon, I accidentally take way too much time off and don’t do a whole lot this month. I spin a few times, but that’s probably it.

November: Still spinning, and taking another cardio/strength class at the gym. Eating is officially out of control. I think I run one time.

December: Still eating everything in sight, and lacking motivation. Decide that I will start Weight Watchers after the first of the year and will start serious triathlon training. 

Overall, this has been a year of mixed feelings. I accomplished some awesome things, but I spent most of the year feeling unmotivated. I had a hard time getting and staying on track, with anything, and I really suffered. Despite the fact that I am incredibly proud of myself for the things I accomplished this year, I’m disappointed because I was really unhappy for most of the year.

My weight, my lack of dedication to anything, my job, my personal life, my overall dissatisfaction with where I am in life has weighed heavily on me. I must work on these things next year. I’m tired of being unhappy and no one can change that but me.



The end of a stressful week December 1, 2012

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This has been one hectic week, but I didn’t go completely off the rails. I got in three solid workouts (so far. I plan on working out today and maybe tomorrow as well) and my breakfasts and dinners were pretty good. My lunches are another story. Work has been stressful lately, and I just want to get out of the office and decompress at lunch. This has resulted in some extremely poor food choices.

I’ve got two term papers due very soon as well, and I’m lacking the motivation to just sit down and focus on them. Add to that this excess of stuff that is everywhere and I just feel like it’s caving in on me. I need to get rid of the junk and sell what I can and stop buying stuff I don’t need. And just not enough time or motivation to do it all.

On the plus side, I think I am starting to come out of the funk that has left me with little desire to work out. I still haven’t gotten to the point where I’m excited to work out on my own, but I’ve been doing a lot of group classes and they’ve been a lifesaver.

On the agenda for today I am forcing myself to focus on these papers, a trip to the gym, and doing one cleaning/organizing task.