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dash like a warrior December 23, 2011

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My friends and I have decided to do a Warrior Dash next August. It’s insane, and I am so excited! It’s good to have a tangible goal to work toward. I can’t slack off because I need to be prepared for the Warrior Dash.

We’re planning on doing the dash in Indiana, and here are some details:

1. Rubber Ricochet (a rubber jungle)

2. Road Rage (scrapyard of metal)

3. Storming Normandy (military crawl)

4. Giant Cliffhanger (massive uphill crawl)

5. Barricade Breakdown (over barricades and under barbed wire)

6. Warrior Wall (wooden wall)

7. Hard Rain (trudge and climb through rain)

8. Vertical Limit (climbing wall)

9. Cargo Climb (cargo nets)

10. Warrior Roast (FIRE)

11. Muddy Mayhem (mud pit and barbed wire)

And you know, running three miles.

It sounds hard. But the point of the dash is to survive. To overcome the fear and to succeed.

And that’s where I am right now.




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