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Giving resolutions some thought December 19, 2011

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It’s that time of the year. Time for resolutions. I usually make the same resolutions every year, and then every year, I fail at them.

I’m not sure if I aim too high by creating goals that are too lofty, or just by making too many resolutions. I’m not sure how I want to proceed this year. I don’t want to make vague goals because I feel like by saying something like “I want to work out more,” I can’t really measure that. The same with “I want to lose weight.” So how much weight do I want to lose? Five pounds? Thirty pounds? Fifty pounds? (For the record, my current weight loss goal is 64 pounds. It’s subject to change, of course.)

Long story short, I want a few specific goals that I can adapt throughout the year without losing the basic purpose of the goal. Goals like these: I want to run a 5K (all running). I want to strength train three times per week, on average. To run three times per week. To cook more and eat out less. To eat healthier. To volunteer more. To be more social. To be braver.

Okay, so some of those are vague. But that’s why I’m still working on these. I don’t want to trap myself into these resolutions. I don’t want to have these goals that I feel are so unattainable that they just can’t be met. I don’t want to set myself up to fail.

I want to set myself up for the year where I finally make it happen.


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