Leah Moves

When you don't know what to do, just move.

Moving. October 20, 2011

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I thought long and hard about what I would name this blog. I wanted it to be something catchy, descriptive, and clever. In the end, I went with Leah Moves. My name is Leah, so that was a pretty obvious choice. But what about the Moves part? Well, that has a few different meanings. The first is the new approach to fitness. I’m moving more than ever, and I’m loving it. I’m pushing my body to do things I wouldn’t normally do, and I’m beginning to finally appreciate it, which is a nice change after years of hating it.

Another aspect of the Moves part is that if you’re not moving forward, then where are you going? Sometimes, it’s backwards. Other times, it’s nowhere. Sometimes you just feel lost and unsure of your next move. So what should you do? You move. You just move until it makes sense, or you figure it out, or you forget about it.

Moving. It’s a nice change from eating through your feelings.


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